Infection Control

Infection Control: Reduce Your Chances of Deadly Gum Disease

“Did you know that 90% of the population over 30 years of age have gum disease, and it’s the primary reason people lose their teeth?”

“Once your bone has been eaten away by infection, it’s gone. It doesn’t come back.”

“People who suffer from gum disease are almost twice as likely to have cardiovascular problems as those whose gums are healthy. Studies show that people with high levels of gum-disease-causing bacteria in their mouths also have thicker arteries, and are more likely to have had a heart attack. This may be because gum disease causes inflammation elsewhere in the body, including the lining of arteries.”
– Dr. Andrew Weil, Self Healing, August 2005

If you’d like to be checked for early gum disease in order to prevent those nasty bacterial infections in your mouth which can lead to systemic conditions that can contribute to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, premature birth, or chronic respiratory conditions, you must schedule a time to get your teeth professionally cleaned. You need to let us examine your teeth and gums and evaluate your risk of periodontal infection.


Three Reasons To Come to Dr. Rick Coker’s Smile Studio in Tyler, TX

Reason one: Our hygienist is trained to vigilantly check for any sign of disease at each and every visit.

Reason two: Our hygienist has kept up-to-date on treatment options recommended for each stage of  disease.

Reason three: Our hygienist can keep you informed of all the new products and techniques available for you to prevent the disease from starting or to keep it at its present level.

Here is a summary of the benefits you will receive:

  • We schedule you for one-hour cleanings — This enables our hygienist to have time to give you a thorough cleaning.
  • We can detect gum disease in its earliest stages — Early detection and treatment means you won’t lose any teeth.
  • Our hygienist is thorough, yet gentle — That means you won’t mind coming in for regular cleanings.
  • Just like a spa, we offer a hot wax treatment for your hands while you get your teeth cleaned — This helps you relax and even enjoy your cleaning visits.
  • We measure the pocket depth of the gums around your teeth at least once each year — If your pocket depths are less than 4mm and you have no bleeding, you will know that you are keeping any infection at bay.


Now, you’re probably wondering how and why we can do all those things.

Let me explain what we do…If you are a new patient in our office, we will recommend that you complete our two-hour exam process. This will tell us whether you have decay or any infection going on in your mouth.We will diagnose the severity of any probable periodontal disease by measuring the pocket depth around each tooth to determine the degree of infection.

We will treat any infected areas at or below the gum line by removing the hard and sticky substance called plaque that contains the bacteria that cause your gums to pull away from your teeth.

We may also need to remove infected tissue so your gums can heal. Antibiotics may be prescribed to prevent further tissue damage. Continuity is the key. Take exactly as prescribed.

If we find infection, you will be given a powerful system of home care to help you heal quickly and if you follow it, you can prevent the infection from forming again. You will also enjoy the bonus of fresh breath, since the same bacteria that caused your gum disease (or cavities) is also responsible for bad breath.

If your periodontal pockets are less than 4mm, and you have no bleeding in your gums, we will usually put you on a 4-6 month recall program.

If you have some 4mm pockets and some bleeding, you do have some bacterial infection and we will probably discuss some home care products for you to try. We will recommend that you go on a 3-month recall program until we clear up all of your gum infection.

Periodontal pockets of 4mm-5mm, some bleeding, and plaque build-up below the gum line indicates a more serious bacterial infection. We will recommend some in-office treatments which could include Laser Gum Therapy, along with your more vigorous home-care, and a 3-month recall schedule to try and get this infection to subside.

If you have periodontal pockets greater than 5mm, we will get you into some heavy in-office treatments to try to stem the infection. Many times at this stage you will be referred to a periodontist (a specialist in gum infections) to do more extensive treatments.

Warning: Make sure you are getting the following from anyone who cleans your teeth

I want to give you 4 criteria or elements you absolutely must have:

1: Make sure the hygienist you go to is given enough time to give you a thorough cleaning

2: Make sure your hygienist is measuring the pocket depth around your teeth at least yearly

3: Make sure you are getting x-rays taken of your teeth annually

4: Make sure your hygienist is up-to-date on the latest treatments for gum disease

If you’d like to make an appointment for your “new-patient” exam, or to get your teeth professionally cleaned, please call our Tyler, TX dental office at (903) 581-1777 today. Or, you can fill out the form below and we’ll call you during office hours.