What in the world is a Red Lipstick Smile™ you may be asking? Well, it’s a big smile that you want to share with the world, one with beautiful white teeth that is worthy of framing with some red lipstick.  Even if you don’t wear lipstick, it’s the word picture that we’re going after.

Dr. Coker has created hundreds of beautiful smiles on people of all ages and genders, and is a well-known and respected dentist in Tyler and all of East Texas. Creating sensational smiles takes lots of training, lots of practice, and an artistic eye.

A smile expert who understands the golden proportion of the face. A smile expert who knows that long square teeth can make a round face slimmer, or who knows that rounder teeth can make a long narrow face appear wider.

If you have been waiting for the right time to get started on your Red Lipstick Smile, the time is now.  Call (903) 581-1777 and get started right away!

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