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Dr. Rick Coker, Tyler, Texas DentistDr. Coker is affectionately known around town as The Smile Doctor. He is a cosmetic dentist in Tyler, Texas.  Dr. Coker creates beautiful smiles, treats mild-to-moderate sleep apnea, treats periodontal disease and migraine headaches, and helps patients keep their teeth functioning for years and years.

Dr. Coker has been practicing aesthetic and comprehensive restorative dentistry in Tyler since he graduated from the University of Texas Dental Branch in 1972. He has completed the Pete Dawson workshops, has finished the Pankey Continuum, was an active member of Avrom King’s Nexus Network, has attended most of Omer Reed’s Napili workshops, has completed the Anterior Esthetics and Occlusion course at the Hornbrook Group and has extensive training in neuromuscular dentistry.

Dr. Coker has also been active in education within dentistry. He served as president of the Texas Academy of Dental Practice Administration, was Marketing Chairman for the Texas Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, was on the board of directors for the Association for Contemporary Dental Education (ACDE), and currently serves as a Board member of the Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics (ACE). He has lectured in several areas of dentistry including cosmetic dentistry and the use of an NTI within a cosmetic practice. He and his wife, Melinda, regularly host meetings in Tyler.

What I Like About Dentistry…

I like doing a job well. I like the results of a great smile or the freedom from headaches or the ability to eat better. I feel good knowing I’ve made a big difference in someone’s life. Many times it’s a “leap of faith” to give someone an NTI or a smile lift – takes me out of my comfort zone – but the rewards are great when that “leap” changes someone’s life. I get to know a lot of people. I touch people’s lives. I’m involved in their lives. People trust me and look up to me. I know them through sickness and health. As a member of the community, I get to see people for years and years. It’s so rewarding. It absolutely takes a team. I just don’t see how it can be a “singular” sport. Although it’s difficult to assemble a good team, it’s so rewarding to me when patients come in and say, “What a wonderful group of people!”

Comments about Dr. Coker from his staff…

“Dr. Coker continually strives to learn how to be the best possible dentist. It’s important to him that we give our patients the best experience and the best smile. He challenges our whole team to do the same.”

“Patients always make the comment that they have never been hurt in our office.”

“Dr. Coker has given me a new insight into what dentistry can be. The education he has given me in cosmetic dentistry has been unbelievable. He truly has a unique talent when it comes to creating beautiful smiles. This alone is special, but then you add in that there is no pain involved, and that makes the whole experience awesome!”

“Dr. Coker’s love and expertise for cosmetic dentistry gives our patients the confidence that he will be able to give them the smile they have always wanted. Dr. Coker strives to be the best in the field of cosmetic dentistry and continues to learn, experiment with new ideas and educate other dental professionals, as well as our own patients. Patients always comment that they have never been hurt in our office.”

“Dr. Coker is not only a one-of-a-kind boss, but he is also an outstanding dentist.  I am still amazed that as long as I have worked for him, he has never lost his enthusiasm for staying on the cutting-edge of dentistry.  Patients come to us because of his reputation as being the best in East Texas.  His excitement for creating beautiful smiles is so rewarding.  Working for the best dentist in the area keeps me in love with dentistry, too!  Thank-you, Dr. Coker.”

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