Cosmetic Dental Bonding, Tyler, Texas

Fix Minor Imperfections In Your Teeth With Dental Bonding

Not many people realize how much the length, shape and spacing of their teeth affects their smile. All it takes is a little bit of experience with composite resin bonding, and they begin to understand. You see, composite resins are nearly the perfect dental material because they not only allow us to invisibly shape your teeth, but to actually strengthen them as well. So we can actually build beauty into your smile. In fact, in areas where teeth are too short, cracked, chipped, discolored, or disfigured, we can create a uniform, white, evenly spaced area…balanced and harmonious for your overall expression.

How? A composite resin is simply a silicon dioxide-filled tooth-colored plastic mixture that bonds to the tooth structure itself, providing long-term breakage protection, and insulation against temperature changes. It’s simple to work with, generally requiring only four simple steps: preparation, layering, shaping, and polishing.

  • First, Dr. Coker prepares the teeth to be filled: drilling out any decayed area and cleaning all surfaces with a specialized cleaning agent.
  • Next, he layers the composite onto the teeth, hardening each layer with a special light.
  • When the layering process is finished, he works with the composite, shaping it to fit the tooth to match your natural dentition.
  • He then polishes it to prevent staining and early wear.


Stephanie’s Reaction to Cosmetic Bonding

“I’ve always been bothered by the spaces between my teeth so I asked Dr. Coker what could be done. He suggested doing a minimal amount of treatment using a composite material. It only took one appointment and I got a great outcome.” -Stephanie, Interior Designer

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