Brittnee Morton

IMG_1917 brit_235x300Brittnee Morton is one of Dr. Coker’s treatment assistants.  She usually seats patients and gets the treatment room set up for Dr. Coker.  Brittnee is friendly.  She’s cute.  She’s excited. And, if she has time, she will sit down and visit with you over a cup of coffee.  She can hardly wait to meet you!

A Note from Brittnee

I’ve always had a passion for people.  I love to not only find a common connection with others, I love to get to know them on a deeper level.  I have always dreamed of being involved in a business where I could help people gain more confidence.

When I interviewed for this job, I could hardly stand the wait to see if I was selected.  I was a patient in the practice and Dr. Coker and the team helped restore my confidence and my smile.  I knew first-hand that this practice was above average and offered care that I had never received anywhere else.  To be offered an opportunity to be a part of something like this is a huge blessing.

I have always believed any business that involves people is a “people business”… the rest is just icing on the cake.  I have found a lot more interest in the chair side assistant position than I thought I would.  I’ve always excelled in clerical and management work, but getting to be hands-on with patients, despite my limited knowledge of dentistry in the beginning, has been extremely rewarding.

I haven’t met one single patient that I couldn’t connect with on some level.  I enjoy learning more about dentistry.  It is like any other profession where, teamed with technology, the possibilities are endless.

I love our team.  I am proud to work at Dr. Coker’s Smile Studio. I am an advocate for this practice.  Thank you Dr. Coker for giving me the opportunity to put myself in a field where I can succeed and fulfill my passion of helping people.

Comments about Brittnee from her teammates…IMG_1883 brit_lab_copy

“Brittnee is our newest team member.  She was a patient before she became an employee and only knew dentistry from the patient side.  She has lots of energy and is determined to become a top dental assistant.  She will tackle anything that we ask of her.  All the patients compliment her on how well she takes care of them.  She loves to pamper them and makes sure they get all the special treatment we want our patients to have.”

“Brittnee helps make the patients as comfortable and as at ease as possible.  She enjoys getting to know each patient and catching up on what is going on in their lives each time they come into the office.”

“Brittnee was new in dentistry when she first became a member of our team, but has taken to it amazingly fast.  It’s her calling.  She has a wonderful chair side manner.”

“Brittnee has a wonderful way of bonding with each person she meets.  She has told me personally how rewarding the type of dentistry we do is to her.  She is eager to make a difference in our patients’ lives.”

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