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Calcium is an important mineral for building strong, healthy teeth. Not everyone can tolerate the lactose found in dairy, which is often a prime source for calcium. There are a wide variety of options available to get the calcium you need. Here are six options rich in calcium:

Canned Seafood

Canned seafood, such as sardines and salmon, can be an excellent source of calcium. These inexpensive options contain more calcium than their fresh counterparts. Canned seafood has small, soft, edible bones that are generally unnoticeable but can be a great way to add calcium to a salad or another dish.

Alternative Milk Products

Soy, rice, and almond milks offer added calcium and can be used as a milk substitute in many dishes. Experiment with different varieties to determine which flavor you like the most for each use. Try one of these milk alternatives on cereal or use in a cooked dish. Soy, rice, and almond milks are available in a variety of flavors, including plain, sweetened, unsweetened, vanilla, and other options.

Green Vegetables

Green vegetables are a prime source of calcium. Collard greens, mustard, turnip, and dandelion greens, Chinese cabbage, spinach, kale, okra, and broccoli are all great choices for adding calcium to your diet.


Milk is one of the best sources of calcium. One cup of cow’s milk can potentially contain a quarter of the recommended daily intake of calcium. Cow’s milk is also a cheap option, as it is generally priced below alternative options like almond milk. Additional benefits provided are good source of protein, vitamin A and vitamin D.


Most yogurts are high in calcium. The highest source of calcium from yogurt comes from the low-fat variety, while Greek yogurt has a lower amount of calcium than regular yogurt.


A lot of cheeses are excellent sources of calcium. Parmesan cheese has the highest amount of calcium among cheeses. Softer varieties of cheese generally have less calcium than others. Aged and hard cheeses typically contain less lactose, making them easier to eat for people with dairy restrictions.

Calcium is important for developing and maintaining strong teeth and bones. If you have trouble digesting dairy, don’t let that stop you from consuming your recommended amount of daily calcium.

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Tyler Dentist | Help Your Child Grow a Beautiful Smile

Parents of infants and toddlers may not be thinking about their child’s smile as a young adult, but babyhood is the time to start planning for that gorgeous smile.

1.) Brushing is crucial. When your baby’s teeth appear, brush twice a day with an infant toothbrush. Always brush before bedtime and then only give your child water until the next morning.

2.) Start flossing when two of his teeth touch each other.

3.) Don’t put your child to bed with a bottle of juice, formula, or milk. That can cause tooth decay. If you must give your child a bottle to take to bed, make sure it contains only water.

4.) If you let your child drink juice or sugary drinks, give them at a meal. Between meals, the sippy cup or bottle should only contain water.

5.) Watch out for mouth breathing or snoring in your child. Many times this is caused by allergies. A major class of allergens for children are dairy products.  Dairy includes milk, yogurt, cheese and ice cream. Other major allergens include eggs, fish, shellfish, peanuts, wheat and soybeans. If you see signs of allergies in your child, begin your search for the source by eliminating the dairy.

6.) Other causes of snoring may be obesity in the child or smoking by an adult in your home.

7.) Avoid any unusual pressure on your child’s growing gums to avoid crooked teeth. Sucking thumbs, pacifiers, or bottle feeding longer than normal can cause your baby’s teeth and jaws to grow out of shape.

If your toddler has some unhealthy habits, you may want to spend a week helping them eliminate those habits. I know if may seem like waging a battle you don’t really want to face, but helping your toddler grow up with healthy teeth, and in turn, a beautiful smile, will be so worth it.

Dentist in Tyler, TX | Teaching Other Dentists

The Star of the South 2017 dental convention was held at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston March 2-4. It’s a large meeting as nearly 6,000 people attended. Dr. Coker spoke and gave a live demonstration on Thursday in the Exhibit Hall. The title of his presentation on DTR was “No Pain, Tremendous Gain.”

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