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tyler tx dentistWhile brushing or flossing your teeth, do you notice blood on your toothbrush or in the sink? Swollen, red, or tender gums can bleed when brushing or flossing, even if you are brushing gently. While it may seem harmless, it is important that you do not ignore these symptoms as they may be signs of a more serious issue. Here are four reasons why your gums may be bleeding, and what you can do for prevention.

  1. Poor Oral Hygiene Habits

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing daily is recommended. However, this routine might still cause your gums to bleed. Bleeding gums can be a consequence of flossing too hard. Use soft bristle toothbrushes for a gentler cleaning.

  1. Smoking

Inhaling smoke can leave toxins on the teeth that irritate gums and cause them to bleed. Smoking can cause your immune system to be compromised, and prevent tissues from healing correctly. Quitting cigarette use will reduce bleeding gums. If you smoke, be sure to schedule an extra oral examination with our team to evaluate your gum health.

  1. Nutritionally Poor Diet

A healthy lifestyle is beneficial to every aspect of your health.  Eating junk food high in sugar content can cause decay and lead to poor oral health. A balanced diet and proper oral hygiene can reduce the risk of bleeding gums.

  1. Gingivitis

Plaque and bacteria can build up on your teeth and become inflamed. Gingivitis is often symptom free. The one symptom that typically appears is bleeding gums, which is usually ignored because it is generally painless. Gingivitis is preventable by brushing your teeth at least twice a day, and flossing regularly to reduce plaque build-up.  Schedule an appointment with us today if you suspect you have gingivitis.

If your gums regularly bleed, it is important that you contact our office. Our team can provide a complete oral examination and recommend proper treatment. Your oral health can significantly impact your overall health. For a healthy life, start by maintaining healthy gums.

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Tyler Cosmetic Dentist | How Do You Choose a Good Dentist?

Choosing A Great Tyler, Texas Dentist

All of a sudden it seems there are new dental offices opening up on every corner. Many of them are corporately owned and often the young dentists just work in those clinics for a year or two.

If you are looking for a dentist, how in the world do you know which one to choose?

Too often in our office, we see people after they have been to several dentists and had failed treatment. We almost have to start from scratch and that can be time consuming and expensive. Don’t let that happen to you. Check out the four ideas below to help you choose the right office in the first place. Be an informed consumer!

Here are some ideas for finding your next dentist:

  1. You are beginning a relationship in choosing a dentist, so choose carefully. People who jump from dentist to dentist seem to get the least acceptable care. When you create a relationship, the people in the office know you and you know them. You can count on that dentist to take good care of you. If you only go to the dentist for emergency care, you are like the person who goes to the emergency room for their medical care. You will get expensive and often impersonal care. That’s just the nature of the business.
  2. Choose your dentist according to what you want or need. If cosmetics are important to you, choose someone who has done the work and established a reputation for excellence. There is a difference between putting “Cosmetic Dentistry” on your sign and actually being able to do it.
  3. Do your research by calling a dental specialist, such as an endodontist, periodontist, or oral surgeon. You will be pleasantly surprised how helpful these specialists can be. Friends and Facebook are good, but you never know if those friends have the same needs you do.
  4. Go on an interview. You can just drop in so you can get a feel for the office. Is it frenetic and disorganized or calm and structured? How do you feel when you are there? If the dentist and team are available, they will be able to meet you. If they are busy, make an appointment and go back for a brief “get-to-know-you” meeting. Most dental professionals will be glad to accommodate you.