Dentist Tyler, TX | Are Your Teeth Clean Enough for a Close Encounter?

Clean Teeth Can Help You Enhance Your Relationships

I sat next to a very friendly and talkative gentleman on a recent flight to Phoenix. He was an attorney on his way to a marketing conference and was quite excited about the chance to learn new marketing strategies.

But, his teeth were covered with plaque.

I don’t care how many seminars he goes to or what marketing techniques he learns, when potential clients see him face-to-face, they may choose to go elsewhere. He just doesn’t look like he will pay attention to the details. If they want him to write a contract or handle a lawsuit, details are probably important.

I’ve heard some people talk about not flossing their teeth with almost a hint of pride in their voice. Really? It’s almost as though they would rather flaunt their unwillingness to bow to conventional wisdom (or the authority of the hygienist) than to keep their teeth clean and healthy.

Unfortunately, to potential clients or customers, they may only look like they don’t take care of themselves.

Be sure to have your teeth cleaned by a professional and then floss daily between your dental visits to keep your smile healthy and beautiful.

Your appearance does matter in the world of business.