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Tyler, Texas Dentist At Smile Source Meeting

Dr. Coker recently joined Smile Source®, a network of select, independent dentists. He is quite excited about the advantages and opportunities this organization can provide.
According to Dr. Coker, “Almost every advancement in dentistry that we have incorporated has come as a result of networking and collaboration with other offices and other doctors, so it is especially important to me to make sure that our program of improvements is consistent. We want to keep getting better and serving our patients better.”
At a recent 2-day meeting in Houston for Smile Source® local area leaders, he attended seminars on teaching, leadership and collaboration.
Tyler dentist meetingtyler dentist at smile source meeting




Communication Workshop, January 2014

Dr. Coker took Britnee and Katie to a 2-day communication workshop in Atlanta this past week-end. They took plenty of notes and came back with all kinds of new ideas to make the patient experience in our office even better.
Dental education

Part of the reason for going to workshops is to meet and/or reconnect with dentists and their teams from across the country who practice with the same dental philosophy that we do.


Britnee and Katie are to the right of their new friends in the picture below.

dental education

“The cat that ate the canary…” or I wonder what Dr. Coker is thinking!

Tyler dentist Dr. Rick Coker


The Star of the South

Melinda Coker was a featured speaker at the 2013 Star of the South Dental Meeting in Houston on March 8th from 1:30 – 3:30 PM.  The title of her talk was Diet and the Big 3: The Startling Connection and What You Can Do About It.

In the description of her talk Melinda said, “As health professionals, we are strangely silent about the 2,000 U.S. women who are dying each day of diseases that are mostly preventable and possibly even reversible.  This lecture will include current research which shows ways that women can increase their odds of never developing heart disease, cancer or stroke.”

Melinda Coker speaking at The Star of the South Dental Meeting

There were over 6,000 dental professionals registered for the conference and our entire office went to cheer on Melinda and then to attend other lectures on various dental procedures and techniques.  They also enjoyed looking at all the new materials and equipment in the Exhibit Hall.

Katie and Cara

Of course, much of the fun in going to out-of-town meetings is to find good Mexican food.  Dr. Coker and Melinda can always eat beans, rice and salsa! 🙂

Ronda, Mary and Cheryl

Mastermind Group

Tyler, Texas Dentist, Rick Coker and The Dental Mastermind

Tyler Texas Dentist MastermindDr. Coker recently spent a couple of days in Houston with his Mastermind Group. This is a small group of successful cosmetic dentists who meet for an annual retreat. They share ideas, talk about new techniques and encourage each other to stay on top of their game. Dentistry is a stressful profession with new materials, equipment and techniques coming out on a daily basis. Having good friends to bounce things off of helps keep them more relaxed and able to give more to their respective patients. Sorry the picture is blurry, but it was taken with an iPhone. Dentists include Dr. Hutto from Baytown, Dr. Hedge from Cincinnati, Dr. Frazer from Houston, Dr. Coker from Tyler, Dr. Soileau from Louisiana, and Dr. Berlin from McKinney.

Happy Birthday Dr. Coker

Dr. Coker’s birthday celebration started on Friday morning when Cindy brought him his very favorite, a chocolate meringue pie, hot from the oven!
Tyler Dentist Rick Cokers Birthday
Dr. Coker’s birthday is October 8th and Kendall’s is October 7th so we drove down to Austin on Friday afternoon for a Saturday birthday party for Kendall. There were 29 little 7- and 8-year old girls, so trying to break the pinata was a wild game!
Tyler Dentist Rick Cokers Birthday
After all that bedlam, we went to a nice quiet dinner on Saturday evening at the Eastside Cafe in Austin and Dr. Coker finally got to open his gifts. There definitely weren’t 29 of them, though! 🙂
Tyler Dentist Rick Cokers Birthday
We returned home on Sunday afternoon, just in time to do some more celebrating at a neighborhood party.
Tyler Dentist Rick Cokers Birthday
On Monday, Ronda, Cylisa and Mary took Dr. Coker and Melinda out to lunch for Dr. Coker’s final birthday celebration of 2011. What a fun 4 days!
Tyler Dentist Rick Cokers Birthday


Dentures, Tyler, Texas:  Rick Coker

Tyler Texas DenturesAt The Smile Studio, Dr. Coker creates dentures called Strickland Facelift Dentures.™ Isn’t that a great name? You know exactly what those dentures are supposed to do.
When a person loses all of their teeth and gets a set of dentures, there is bone loss. Many times that’s the reason for the tooth loss.

Periodontal disease causes drastic bone loss and when the bone resorbs, the roots of the teeth no longer have any “soil” to dig into. So even if you have bone loss before you get dentures, you will get even more bone loss after you get the dentures.  Eventually you will get a “sunken-in” face. Your chin and your nose will get closer together as your face begins to collapse.

It’s bad enough to have to wear dentures, but it’s AWFUL when everyone who looks at you knows you have dentures.

In the past, dentures were made to fit the ridge of gum that was left and for those few dentists who were skilled craftsmen in the making of dentures, it was important that they fit so you could eat. Now, with new procedures and techniques in the art of cosmetic dentistry, we have been able to transfer those techniques over to the art of making dentures that don’t look like dentures.

If your bone loss is extremely severe and your ridge is not stable enough to hold the dentures in, we also have learned to place implants. These are small titanium posts that are placed in your jaw bone and when they heal, the screws that are placed in your denture can then be screwed into those posts in your jaw.

Voila’! you not only have a beautiful smile, but you can eat!!

We just returned from a trip to Savannah where we spent a couple of days in a classroom learning all the finest techniques for creating these incredible dentures. In the evenings after class, we got to walk around Savannah, poking into the shops and eating at some wonderful restaurants.

Disclaimer: The Strickland Facelift Dentures™ services are in no way related to Dr. Sam Muslin’s exclusive Face Lift Dentistry® treatment.