Mastermind Group

Tyler, Texas Dentist, Rick Coker and The Dental Mastermind

Tyler Texas Dentist MastermindDr. Coker recently spent a couple of days in Houston with his Mastermind Group. This is a small group of successful cosmetic dentists who meet for an annual retreat. They share ideas, talk about new techniques and encourage each other to stay on top of their game. Dentistry is a stressful profession with new materials, equipment and techniques coming out on a daily basis. Having good friends to bounce things off of helps keep them more relaxed and able to give more to their respective patients. Sorry the picture is blurry, but it was taken with an iPhone. Dentists include Dr. Hutto from Baytown, Dr. Hedge from Cincinnati, Dr. Frazer from Houston, Dr. Coker from Tyler, Dr. Soileau from Louisiana, and Dr. Berlin from McKinney.