A Night on the Town

Smile Studio

James Baker, Brenda Wright, Kay Baby Epperson, Mary Paroline, Dr. Coker

Dr. Coker’s Smile Studio hosted an evening on the town for their patients on Thursday evening.  Everyone met at Stanley’s for a bar-b-que dinner before going to the Liberty Theater on the Tyler square for a showing of the movie, Bernie.

Since Dr. Coker and Melinda are vegans, many of the attendees were delighted, but quite surprised, at the choice of eatery.  The restaurant did fix the Cokers a special plate consisting of vegetable tacos.

The movie is a black comedy filmed in Texas.  It was based on a true story about the murder of a rich widow by the assistant funeral director in a small East Texas town.

One of our patients, Kay Baby Epperson, was in the movie and she delighted us on stage along with another actor, James Baker and the real life district attorney, Danny Buck Davidson (portrayed in the film by Matthew McConaughey) before the show by regaling us with stories about the filming.

After hearing those stories, laughter rang out through the theater all during the movie.  Everyone had a wonderful time!