Sleepless in Cleveland

Dr. Coker spent two days at an advanced-study sleep course in Cleveland, Ohio, June 11-12. Treating people with sleep problems such as snoring can improve many marriages and roommate sleeplessness. It can even save lives when serious sleep problems such as sleep apnea are addressed. Sleep clinics can monitor your sleep and most sleep doctors treat apnics with a device called a C-Pap, which consists of a mask that fits over your face while you sleep and an air compressor which blows a steady stream of oxygen down your throat. Those help many people, but there are other people who cannot stand to wear them. Those are the people that can be treated by a qualified sleep dentist with an oral device which is much more comfortable to sleep in. We have some delighted patients whom we have helped with the Somodent appliance.
View a 30-second video from a patient about her new sleep appliance. You may have to copy and paste the link in a new browser window.

I Hate My CPap Seminar

On Thursday, January 21st, we held a seminar at Traditions Restaurant in Tyler to talk about the SomnoDent as an alternative treatment for those diagnosed with Sleep Apnea who hate their CPap machine. The SomnoDent is a dental device that is not nearly as cumbersome or instrusive as the CPap. We had nearly 100 guests and at least fifty of them said they had a CPap and they hated it. Debbey Ryan was our guest speaker and Dr. Coker answered numerous questions. If you have questions about oral appliances as a treatment for your sleep apnea or snoring, call Mary at (903) 581-1777.