We had a great holiday season.  Of course, Melinda is worn out as we had houseguests for eleven days, which included 5 granddaughters, ear infections, pink eye, 3 cribs, 3 high chairs and 4 dogs! Whew…

Luckily everything went fairly smoothly. The weather was great for the most part, my boys and I were able to play a little golf and tennis, and everyone was able to take walks, watch some television, and of course, check in with Facebook!  After a meal, it was funny to see everyone with their noses in their phones.

I hope your holidays were wonderful, as well.

Today, we are back to work looking forward to a great 2017. We have made some changes in our computers and website, and will continue to do so, to make it easier to stay in touch and to be available for your questions or comments.  In 2016 two of our valuable team members moved on – Ronda retired after 22 years and Katie got married and needed to go in another direction. We will miss them and certainly wish them well.

We have added two new team members, about whom I am very excited and look forward to your meeting them. Natalie is our New Patient Coordinator. That job title covers a lot of ground and doesn’t do justice to what all she does for the team. She previously worked for an oral surgeon so she knows how to explain implants and other surgeries to our patients.  She has a bright smile and a friendly nature, so be sure to meet her the next time you are in the office.

Lisa is our new dental hygienist. She has worked in several offices in East Texas, including a periodontal office and has even taught in TJC’s dental hygiene program. She is up-to-date, extremely gentle and truly a lovely person. I know many current patients have already met her, but she isn’t just a pretty face, she is totally current on her understanding of dental health and its relationship to personal health.

As most of you know, Mary is the person at the front of my practice, and has been ever since 1988! She still loves her work and keeps up with every patient and what is going on in their lives, and yet still keeps everybody here on their toes and sets the tone of how a professional works. She combines efficiency with emotional contact with every person she comes into contact with. I am lucky to have her with me.

Cheryl has been my chairside assistant for many years, and each year she learns better how to take care of each patient in her chair. She is a true artist, and doesn’t allow for “good enough” in what she does. She has been a Certified Dental Assistant for 22 years, and is still eager to learn and to do a better job.

This story ends with me, and I am still the same. I love what I do, and the people who entrust their dental health to my care. We are always trying to learn how to improve what we do, and we will have several opportunities to do that in the coming year. In addition to learning, I will be speaking and teaching at dental meetings in Houston, Milwaukee and Dallas about the new dental science of digitally managed occlusion, which uses the latest technology to help people with their headaches and jaw pain.

If we can help you, or any friends, look or feel better, we are here to serve you, and we certainly appreciate your referrals.

Looking forward to a great 2017!

Dr. Coker

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