Oral Cancer Exam

Oral Cancer Exam from Tyler Smiles

Oral cancer is a very deadly and dangerous form of cancer. In our patients’ best interest, we perform a thorough oral cancer examination during our initial examination, with magnification, and each time they return for a cleaning and check up. That will include looking at the tongue, the throat, and all of the inside of the mouth, and then a palpation of the structures of the lower face and throat. We feel that this is part of the overall health care we have to provide for our patients!

Part of our search for abnormalities in the mouth will also be done in viewing the x-rays of the mouth, making sure there aren’t any bony changes or hard tissue changes that would be revealed there. We try very hard to make sure that you are healthy and cancer free!

Of course, we will be happy to perform an oral cancer screening for any person requesting it, whether they are a patient or not, at no charge. Just call and ask for it, and we are happy to perform that service! To schedule your appointment, call our Tyler, TX dentist office today!