Patient Migraine Stories

Patient Migraine Stories

For more information about the NTI, you might want to read the following stories.

My Headaches

I suffered from migraines for 13 years. At first they lasted for hours, but after a few years they lasted for days. When I went to see Tyler, TX dentist, Dr. Coker, I was having migraines four out of every 7 days. The medication I took made me feel drugged most of the time, and I was unable to live a normal life as it was interrupted by migraine.

I was fitted with an NTI and told it might take some time before I was free from headaches. This was exactly what happened. But within one week I was going for days without any sign of migraine. It has been two years since I started sleeping in my NTI nightly. I am relatively free of migraine – only having about five or six a year. From time to time my NTI is readjusted, and always, the results are terrific.

It has made my life worth living again.
– E. McNally

My Migraine Journey

I’ve suffered with bad headaches at least since the age of eleven. My mother and her sisters always had headaches so we just assumed it was something that ran in our family and there was nothing to do about them. I took over-the-counter aspirin products, which didn’t ever do any good, and went to bed when they got horrible.

There were many “triggers,” including watching TV, listening to shouting preachers, my periods, getting hungry, sleeping late, having shampoo girls “massage” my head, red wine… basically anything and everything could be a trigger.

A number of years ago, a “migraine” doctor opened an office in our town and he was deluged with patients. He gave me hope that something could be done. He had me try many therapies, including daily low-dose-aspirin, magnesium, and ergotomine. We finally found a drug that helped the actual headache called Zomig. About three times a month, I would go to bed for a couple of hours with an intense headache and take a Zomig. I would wake up without a headache. That was wonderful! However, I usually suffered 2 or 3 days of “rebound” headaches after that.

When Jim Boyd, the inventor of the NTI, came to our office in 2001 and asked me how often I woke up with a headache, I told him about 12-15 times a month. He fabricated an NTI for me. I slept in it that night and woke up with an awful headache. Unfortunately for me I wouldn’t wear it again.

It was nearly a year later that I decided I wanted to try again. By this time Dr. Coker had learned to fabricate them and was having a lot of success. I again had a headache after the first night, but knew I had to keep trying. After two or three nights, the headaches were better, but I went back in for an adjustment.

I can’t tell you how glad I am that I stuck with it. My headache frequency has dropped dramatically. I still get occasional headaches, but they are not as intense and they don’t last as long. Maybe twice a year I get one bad enough to go to bed with a Zomig, but that is so much better than 36 times a year!

Life is good.
– M. Coker