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Below are actual testimonials of patients at Dr. Rick Coker’s Smile Studio.


Laurie Before and After Pics From Tyler dentist Rick Coker“I have been a patient of Dr. Coker’s for many years.  During one of my cleaning visits, I told Ronda about some discomfort I was having with my bite.  I was grinding my teeth and they seemed to be getting shorter so I wore a splint at night.  But, I didn’t really like the looks of my teeth.  Dr. Coker suggested that we do a ‘bite analysis.’  I made an appointment to come back and they hooked me up to a very high-tech machine which helped Dr. Coker see how my teeth were fitting together.  He made some adjustments and then fitted me with an orthotic.  Wow, immediately my jaws felt so much better.  I wore that orthotic for a few months before Dr. Coker suggested we do something permanent so my bite would always be in that comfortable position.  I ended up with a beautiful new smile that was SO comfortable.  Thanks to everyone at the Smile Studio for your caring and expertise!”  – Laurie, Entrepreneur


Veneers from Tyler Dentist Rick Coker“My teeth had spaces between them and Dr. Coker suggested that we fill them in with bonding.  They look so much better!” – Stephanie, Interior Designer


dental veneers from tyler dentist rick coker“I have no pictures of me as a child with my teeth showing. Over the years things seemed to get worse. My teeth had darkened and I had worn down my bottom teeth. As a University professor, I was extremely self conscious about my smile. My smile makeover has made an amazing change!” – Glenda, University Professor


dental veneers from tyler texas dentist Rick coker“I’m a physician, a researcher, an author, and a speaker, and I need to feel confident while speaking individually to my patients, or when speaking in front of large crowds.  I had some old veneers that were thick and discolored, which made me extremely self-conscious. I learned to hold my hand in front of my mouth anytime I laughed or smiled big. Thank goodness those days are over and I now smile more often and with confidence.” -Kenna, Physician


dental veneers from tyler texas dentist dr. rick coker“For a long time, I couldn’t bring myself to smile. I was extremely self-conscious. My daughter was getting married and I knew there would be lots of pictures taken so I decided to take the step to find out about a new smile.  I’m so glad I did.  I smiled more at my daughter’s wedding than I’ve smiled in my life. What an amazing change!” – Glenda, R.N.


dental veneers from dr. rick coker tyler texas dentist“I hadn’t even thought about a smile makeover, but I ended up in Dr. Coker’s office for an emergency visit, and started looking around at all of the photos. Dr. Coker suggested I come back and make an appointment for a free smile analysis just to give me an idea of what could be done. I’m so glad I went for that visit. I decided to have some cosmetic work done, and now whenever I pass a mirror, I smile at myself and say, ‘What beautiful teeth you have!’ – Karleen, Administrative Assistant


Veneers and crowns from tyler texas dentist dr. rick coker“My teeth were in such bad shape that a colleague pulled me aside one day and told me that I needed to get my teeth fixed and I needed to go to Dr. Coker. I had known for years that my teeth weren’t great, but guess I never thought about getting them fixed. I’m so glad I did. What a difference it made and now I really feel confident whenever I smile.” – Ed, Mortgage Broker


porcelain veneers Tyler, TX“We recently moved to East Texas and I asked my neighbor if she knew a good dentist. She confidently recommended Dr. Coker and I made an appointment to get my teeth cleaned and checked. While there, I was telling Ronda about how I would really like my teeth to look as if I could wave a magic wand. She told me that “waving that wand was easier than I thought,” and suggested I come back for a consultation visit. Before I left the office that day, I had made my appointment. Well, it WAS easier than I thought so I have my …if I could wave a magic wand look. What fun it is to laugh and smile and feel totally confident in the way my teeth look! Thanks to everyone at The Smile Studio.” – Valerie, Entrepreneur


General Dentistry with Tyler Texas Dentist Dr. Rick Coker“I just had a lifetime of old dental work and decided it was time to get my mouth updated. We had recently moved to the East Texas area and I asked my former dentist for a recommendation. He referred me to Dr. Coker and I’m so excited about my results. I knew my teeth could look better, but I didn’t realize they could actually be BEAUTIFUL! I really appreciate this office – everyone seems like an old friend.” – Marleen, Sales Director


smile reconstruction by tyler texas dentist rick coker

“As a school girl, I was tormented on a daily basis.’Hey Buck Teeth,’ or ‘Hi Bugs Bunny‘ were the only greetings I got. Even as an adult, when I’d pick up my boys at school, the kids would yell those same insults at me. I felt so bad about myself that I never wanted to go out in public.”

“Then my husband died. I was crushed. Even though I was tearful and depressed, I knew I had to get a job. I got a job at a convenience store, but I had to literally drag myself out of the house each morning to go to work. I was so scared of meeting people. I was so afraid they would make fun of me. I was timid and shy and tried not to look anyone in the eye. ‘Maybe they won’t notice me if I keep my head down,’ I thought to myself.”

“One Monday, I finally got my nerve up and called Dr. Coker’s office. I had seen his ad on TV and wondered if he could help me.”

“As I walked into that dental office for my first appointment, I was literally shaking. I was so scared. My memories of the dentist from my childhood included extreme pain during the visit and for 3 or 4 days afterward. Actually, I just quit going to the dentist because of that fear and my teeth were now broken and decayed. I went through many dental visits with Dr. Coker. If I had not been able to see the results of my dental visits in the mirror, I wouldn’t have believed I’d had any work done. I didn’t feel ANYTHING. I have ‘zero’ pain tolerance and was definitely worried, but I did not have ANY pain. This dentist was totally different.”

“I am so excited about my new look! It has really changed my life. I’m not afraid to go out in public anymore. I feel totally different. I feel like a new Lynette. I’m not shy and bashful anymore. I can actually look people in the eye, now. My self-confidence has finally returned. The reactions of my friends and relatives have been mixed. Some have been totally shocked, like when I go to the post office and someone says, ‘Is that you, Lynette?’ ‘Wow, you look great!’ Others have just been so happy for me, a few have been a little jealous, and some have been fearful that I will become ‘snooty’ and won’t like them anymore. I’m still the same person inside – I just have on a different cover.”

“I still can’t really believe that this happened. I am so grateful and so happy. I have gotten a new start with my life. I’ve set new goals for myself and am attending college.  I want to be a nurse and I’m working hard to get there.”

“I want to be Dr. Coker’s patient for the rest of my life. When I go to his office, it feels like I’m going back to see my family. Everyone there actually cares about me and I’m really glad.”    – Lynette, College Student


Sonya has had a number of major medical issues and as a result she ended up with some missing teeth, some infection, a loss of function and a definite loss of appearance. She was seen by several local dentists who were unable to come up with a satisfactory treatment plan for her. During a subsequent visit with a dental specialist, she was referred to Dr. Coker’s office. Once there, Dr. Coker and his team had to coordinate treatment with a number of specialists and come up with a treatment plan unique to Sonya. Because of her extreme fear of the dentist, Dr. Coker also worked with a board-certified anesthesiologist who kept her comfortable during all phases of treatment. Wow, the results were certainly worth it all! A beautiful smile for a beautiful lady!- Sonya, Marketing Director


“I had always been very self-conscious about my teeth. One night while watching TV, I saw a commercial for the Smile Studio in Tyler. I live about sixty miles away, but decided to make an appointment to see whether I could get anything done. I knew I didn’t want to spend two years in braces. I wanted a new smile SOON. I’m a single grandmother who has always wanted my teeth to look better. I cannot tell you what this has done for me. I not only look better on the outside, but I feel better on the inside. This new smile has absolutely changed my life! Thank you. Thank you.” – Sue, Customer Solutions Manager



Brenda had a bad tooth ache and drove forty-five miles for an emergency visit.  We filmed this interview the next week when she came back for us to check her tooth and to meet with Katie for a consult about updating her smile in the near future.  See more on the Sedation page.



Amanda has been dealing with TMJ for over 10 years. After working with many dentists, she came to us for help. During her 3rd visit we filmed this and she was just ecstatic about how her condition has changed.  Watch to hear her story. Find out more about headaches and jaw pain here.



Watch to see David’s excitement when he sees how good his new teeth look!