Sedation dentistry from Tyler Smiles

Just blow your stress away…

If you are anxious about dental treatment, we can offer it “with Sedation” in three different ways:

Reducing stress


The first thing we like to use is a system called NuCalm which will actually bring you to the first stage of sleep.  The process  involves four steps: 1.) We rub a calming cream onto your temples or we ask you to chew a dietary supplement – both methods are designed to help you relax by counteracting adrenaline.  2.) Next, small microcurrent stimulation patches are placed behind your ears to facilitate your relaxation response.  3.) We then place noise-dampening headphones on you to deliver soothing music.  This music is a proprietary system that can normally bring you to the pre-sleep stage, and 4.) You will be asked to put on a light-blocking eye mask to help maintain this wonderful NuCalm relaxation state.


After we finish your procedures and turn off the soothing music and wake you, you will feel totally awake and refreshed.

On the following video we are asking the patient about her experience the week before when she came in for an emergency visit and needed to have a root canal.  (The headphones Brenda describes are part of the NuCalm system.)

A Pill

A second way we can sedate you is with a prescribed pill.  You take the pill about 30 minutes before your appointment and have someone drive you to the office.  You will be in a twilight state of relaxation – still aware and able to walk and follow directions, but you are completely relaxed (that’s why you can’t drive).  You will also have your choice of music and nitrous oxide if you want.  This is the way to have your complex dentistry done while you lightly sleep through it.


As a third option if you need a deeper level of relaxation, Dr. Coker has arranged an affiliation with the physicians of Tyler Sedation, a division of East Texas Anesthesiology Associates, to provide MD anesthesia for greatly increased safety and control.

That means Dr. Coker can do your cosmetic or regular dental treatment and one of the anesthesiologists can be in charge of your level of relaxation.

This is not general anesthesia, with the risks that come with that, but simply deep and relaxed sedation, with amnesia. In other words, you will be totally relaxed the whole time and then won’t remember much of anything about the visit.

Certainly not even the majority of our patients will need this, but there are people who put off their dentistry because of fear, and this added feature of the Smile Studio will allow almost any patient to be treated safely and comfortably.

A 4-minute video clip of the interview that Dr. Coker and Dr. Shawn Thomas did for TV Channel 19 can be viewed below.