Mary Paroline, Tyler, Texas Dentist office managerMary Paroline is our Office Manager. She usually answers our phone so she’s the one you will most likely talk to when you call. She’s fun. She’s efficient. She’s friendly. She’s hardworking. She can hardly wait to meet you!

A Note from Mary

“The passion I have for dentistry started over forty years ago when I started my first job. The changes I have seen have been incredible and have only made dentistry more exciting than ever. When I started working at Dr. Rick Coker’s Smile Studio nearly twenty years ago, Dr. Coker was the leader in cosmetic dentistry in East Texas.  The exciting part of being involved in changing someone’s smile is seeing the excitement when they really ‘flash’ that smile for the first time. Seeing how a beautiful smile can change the way someone feels about themselves is just so rewarding. When a patient says, ‘Everyone here makes me feel so special,’ or ‘I can’t believe I enjoyed coming to the dentist,’ or just gives us a hug – that makes working here so special. I can go home at night and say to myself, ‘I really helped to make a difference!'”

“I started in dentistry in Athens, Texas working for Dr. Earl Estep. I helped him write several books about dentistry and traveled all over the United StatesMary Paroline, Tyler, Texas Office Manager and Canada lecturing with Dr. Estep. I coauthored a book titled, ‘From the Other Side of the Chair,’ which was sold to dental offices all over the country. I have visited many other dental offices and have learned something from each of them. While working for Dr. Coker, attending lots of continuing education has kept us on the forefront of dentistry. I have spoken to dentists and team members at several dental seminars given by our office. I feel that if I ever stop learning, dentistry will become a job and the passion will not be there.”

Comments about Mary from her teammates…

“Mary is very inviting to our patients. She makes everyone feel at home and comfortable in our office. She also works very hard to keep us all focused on our goals — not only to meet them, but to always exceed them. Patients always comment on how friendly Mary is.”

“I know when Mary answers the phone that she has the knowledge to answer any questions the person calling may have. Mary makes every patient feel special by the way she greets them and makes them feel at home in our office. Mary is a team player and she will do whatever it takes to get the job done and to make sure we achieve our goal. Patients say that Mary is friendly and she makes them feel right at home.”

“Mary is the backbone of our team.  She is the bright smile our patients see as soon as they walk in the door.  She has been with Dr. Coker for many years and really values her position at The Smile Studio.  Her passion is dentistry, especially smile makeovers.  She just knows what a difference Dr. Coker can make in a patient’s life.  She treats our patients like they are family and everyone loves Mary.  It’s funny because whenever another team member answers the phone, the patient will ask, ‘Where did Mary go?'”

“Mary is one of the icons in the practice.  She not only knows every patient by name, but knows their story.  She is the hostess of the practice, always welcoming new and regular patients with a smile and making them feel at home.  People really are drawn to Mary and her natural ability to connect with anyone, from anywhere.  She has been in dentistry for many years and not only has a passion for people, but has a true passion for dentistry.”

“Mary has been an integral part of Dr. Coker’s practice for many years.  She takes a personal interest in each and every patient and is always looking to give them an exceptional experience.  Every time a patient calls or comes into the office, she greets them with a smile.  She is a valuable asset to our team.”

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