The Dentures Fountain of Youth™

Beautiful Life-Like Dentures

The Denture Fountain of Youth™

Dentures_Fountain of Youth_IMG_0380 finalsigshpcopyThese new dentures are designed to stimulate the jawbone by creating a better fitting denture that rests partially on the muscles and not just on the gum tissue. They are placed to build your “bite” at a position which best supports your muscle function.  This same position also provides stronger facial support, which in turn, creates a more youthful look.

The basis for The Denture Fountain of Youth™ is called neuromuscular treatment. Because your dentures rest partially on the muscles in your jaw, neuromuscular dentistry makes sure to find the position of your optimum muscle relaxation and function. If we can achieve stable and relaxed muscles before we take impressions for your dentures, you will automatically get a better fit.

This is the only type of denture that works to combat jaw bone resorption, the cause of the aged or “sunken-in” facial appearance that occurs when you lose your teeth.  Most patients don’t realize that once their teeth are removed, jawbone deterioration begins.  Because the normal behaviors of biting and chewing cause the root of the tooth to physically stimulate the bone, once that root is removed the stimulation stops and the bone begins to deteriorate.

As long as natural teeth are in place and disease is absent, your upper and lower jaws can be expected to remain healthy and intact. However the loss of your teeth and the placement of traditional dentures – which are designed to rest on top of the gum tissue – do not provide direct stimulation to the jaw bone and thus do nothing to combat the effects of jawbone resorption.  This results in patients who look much older than they actually are.

Of course, this is the most expensive type of denture, but this denture will be comfortable, it will fit, you will be able to chew and most importantly, it will give you a beautiful smile.

Do you currently have dentures that you don’t like?

Until now, you haven’t had a very good choice in dentures:  1.) You were either offered an inexpensive set that had plastic teeth and didn’t fit very well, or you were offered a 2.) more expensive traditional denture which usually fit better. But, you still looked like you were wearing a denture.

Why Can You Tell Someone is Wearing a Denture?

Once you lose your teeth your jaw bone begins to deteriorate and resorb because there is no longer any tension or stimulation from your teeth.  Biting and chewing cause the root of the tooth to physically stimulate the bone.  When that root is removed the stimulation stops and the bone begins to deteriorate.

Traditional dentures don’t help this problem because they are designed to rest on top of the gum tissue and can’t provide direct stimulation to the jaw bone.  Therefore, you end up with a collapsed look to your face – a sure sign that you are wearing dentures.

What If You Want a Denture that Keeps Your Jaw Bone from Deteriorating?

If you want a denture that:

  • Keeps your secret
  • Gives you a beautiful, natural-looking smile
  • Makes you look younger
  • Lets you talk or laugh without worry
  • Allows you to eat all kinds of foods

Then you will want to make an appointment with cosmetic dentist, Dr. Rick Coker.  He will be able to tell you whether you are a candidate for the new Denture Fountain of Youth™ (FOY).

If you are not happy with the appearance of your current dentures:

call our office at (903) 581-1777 in Tyler, TX and set up an appointment.  If your dentures are not made to optimum neuromuscular dimensions, your face will continue to look like you are wearing dentures. We have made The Denture Fountain of Youth™ for patients who want to look years younger when we are finished, and who want to eat normally again! This process does take an average of four visits and even though it is more expensive than economy dentures, your results will be worth it!