Teeth Whitening

Want the Whitest Teeth Possible? You have to try OZONE WHITE!

Tyler Texas Dentist PhotoshootTooth whitening has been popular for a long time, but people seem to not only want better solutions, but faster and more comfortable ones, too.  WELL, WE HAVE GOOD NEWS FOR YOU!

We have tried the quick bleaching systems of the past twenty years, and found them to be expensive, unpredictable and uncomfortable for the patient. So often, the teeth were almost unbearably sensitive for weeks after treatment.

Today, we have incorporated ozone assisted tooth whitening in a process that is fast, smooth and a lot more comfortable. Ozone has a wonderful effect of desensitizing teeth by itself, and it also helps to break down any stains at the same time. So you get a more powerful bleaching while at the same time, you gain comfort.

This is definitely the best way we have seen to bleach anyone’s teeth for those reasons, and we are proud to be able to offer it to you. Treatment will consist of one single one hour appointment and touch up bleaching trays to keep your smile bright! At a lower cost than Zoom and with hardly any sensitivity!